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A Modest Show is an independent curatorial platform to develop and support the relationships between Artists, Curators, Arts Organisatons, Museums & Galleries, Academics & Writers and Collectors.




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My first introduction to an art market outside London was in Manchester, circa 2013 when, as memory serves, both The Manchester Contemporary (TMC) art fair and the Contemporary Art Society (CAS) Collector Development Programme were in their first years. 

The Manchester Contemporary directed by Thom Hetherington & Sophie Helm was curated by 'International 3' gallery. Laurence Lane & Paulette Terry Brien, the directors of 'International 3', saw the importance of a regional art market in creating an healthy arts ecology, encouraging artists to live and work in the region and championing other regional towns and cities. 


The Collector Development Programme was an invaluable economic initiative focused on developing collectors from the North to add to the long established London membership that CAS enjoys.


As a curator and academic, my research interests have always been in art and artists outside traditional art centres like New York, London or Paris. 

These initiatives, together with Arts Council England, (who were in the process of commissioning the report entitled Taste Buds : How to cultivate the art market 2014)  set the scene for a new collecting / buying audience for a growing critical mass of artists, studios and galleries outsie of London. Employed by Paul Hobson, the then director of CAS, Mark Doyle and Rebecca Morrell took up salaried positions as Regional Managers of new collectors in the North West and East respectively. Their tenure was a success and welcomed in the region; I havent spoken to anyone involved in those heady days of learning, experimentation and discovery who has a bad word to say about the programme or Mark and Rebecca's enthusiasm and professionalism throughout. Their work supported galleries such as my own, Division of Labour, to become established in the North and strengthened the art ecology in the North. We miss them very much.

A Modest Show began as a exhibition and commissioning vehicle for artists hailing from Greater Manchester to participate in a festival of art during The British Art Show (9) in 2022. We focused on hospitality and came to an understanding of the importance and the need for someone to organise and facilitate looking at, talking about and sharing art. We realised how Art Lovers find meeting Artists difficult and visa-versa. How the recent history presented above is so fondly remembered and sorely lost. How much of our work as arts professionals, artists, curators, gallerists and critics has become about administration, funding, surviving and logistics and not doing what we 'do it' for: sharing our work and meeting art lovers!

Nostalgically I want this time back, so we need the support of Art Lovers everywhere! 

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Nat Pitt · Curator of A Modest Show.

CURATORIAL STATEMENT for The Collector Programme

Who we are

Nat Pitt, founder of Division of Labour and A MODEST SHOW continues as Curator of The Manchester Contemporary.

Nat Pitt trained as an artist at Falmouth School of Art in 1997 and gained his MFA from Wolverhampton University 2009 before becoming a fellow at De Appel in Amsterdam, ‘curating in the gallery field.’

Since 2013, Pitt has served as the Director for the gallery Division of Labour,  based in Manchester the gallery is dedicated to supporting contemporary art across the UK. With research interests in regional art market development, art and education and collaborative practice, projects have included artists Robert Barry, Victor Burgin, Brian O’Doherty, Sonia Boyce and Carey Young.  Pitt has developed an international profile for his gallery, with past presentations in Venice, Brussels, Rotterdam, New York, Hong Kong, Basel, Vienna and Dallas. 


Most recently Pitt was the curator for A Modest Show the official collateral event for the Manchester leg of The British Art Show 9 Hayward Touring Exhibition.

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 ART LOVER Collectors Programme


Are you an Art Lover? Would you like to learn from expert curators and meet artists? Do you want to start or improve your art collection?

The ART LOVER Collectors Programme will support you to achieve these goals and much more.

This programme is open to all lovers of art, whether your have a new interest and are curious about the art world or you are an avid, experienced collector. The programme includes trips, talks, studio visits and dinners that are designed for everyone. Our core aim is to foster relationships and aid understanding of art, artists and collecting.

See below for our membership prices, further information, terms and conditions and our 2024-25 calendar of events.


ART LOVER : £15 per month or £140 annually.

Includes bi-monthly artist studio visits, curator tours and exhibition visits. 


(limited places)

Includes bi-monthly artist studio visits, curator tours, exhibition visits. PLUS an annual portfolio of 10 limited edition prints worth £750 from selected contemporary artists based in the North of England. This is a great way to start, or add to, your collection of art. You will have the opportunity to meet the artists and forge relationships.

Portfolio drop : November 2024​

TO JOIN or for more information -
email -




EXTRA TOURS 2024-25 programme

VENICE #1 : MAY 20 - 25   -  £450

Price includes entrance to the Venice  Biennale on  



  • Curator-led tour of the Giardini Pavilions.

  • Artist-led tour of the Arsenalle 

  • VIP invitation to the PV of 'The Shed'

  • Visit the Peggy Guggenhiem Collection 


Limited places left - please email:



The Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea, London - £150

Price includes VIP tickets to Private View


  • Curator-led tour of the fair

  • Artist studio visits and Fitzrovia gallery tour.


Individual extra events during the fair:

Members dinner with guest speaker.

£80 per person  on Saturday 28th September


Please reserve your place by July 1st  

- email:


Regents Park, London : £280

Price includes entrance to Frieze



  • Curator-led tour of the Discovery Section

  • Art-Critic-led tour of the Main Section

  • Sculptor-led tour of the Sculpture Park (weather permitting)

  • Members dinner and discussion about the fair

  • Artist studio visits and Fitzrovia gallery tour


Please reserve your place by Aug 1st - email:

NOVEMBER 15-17, Grand Central, Manchester 


Free to members: VIP tickets to Private View



  •  Members lunch and discussion about the fair

  • Curator-led tour of the fair

  • Optional : Artist studio visits and Whitworth tour


Individual events during the fair:


Artist Studio Visits

£40 per person on Friday/Saturday 15/16 November

Please reserve your place by Sept 1st  

- email:



Venice, Italy : £450

Price includes entrance to the Venice  Biennale

for Saturday & Sunday 



  • Curator-led tour of the Giardini Pavilions.

  • Artist-led tour of the Arsenalle  


Please reserve your place by Sept 1st - email:

A Collectors Tour : £30


Bury Art Gallery & Sculpture Centre, Bury


Price includes a light lunch.



  •  Members lunch and discussion about the show

  • Collector-led tour of the Exhibition

Please reserve your place by May 1st  

- email:



The Whitworth, Manchester 


Free to members



  •  Members tour and discussion about the show

Please reserve your place by Aug 1st  

- email:



Islington Design Centre, London £150

Price includes entrance to London Art Fair



  • Curator-led tour of the Prospects Section

  • Art-Critic-led tour of the Main Section

  • Artist studio visits and Fitzrovia gallery tour

Please reserve your place by Nov 1st - email:


Jessica Bennett is an independent curator based in Manchester, UK. Her current research and curatorial practice seeks to explore how we traverse, and work within the conditions of contemporary society ~ using notions of exchange, collectivity and connectivity as filters through which to better understand a future built on sustainability and solidarity. Bennett's practice is rooted firmly within the artist-led; finding solace in spaces that allow for urgent critical questions and ideas to emerge. She is fascinated with alternative curatorial methods, working to understand and examine the exhibition space as an engaging and participatory space for artistic research.

Since obtaining an MA in Creative and Cultural Industries Management (2017), Bennett has worked with key organizations in the UK, such as the Liverpool Biennial, The NewBridge Project, System Gallery, and recently new Manchester-based project PINK, to devise and deliver projects that expand contemporary issues and dialogues. Bennett has also taken part in A-N Mentoring Programme as well as 4th iteration of The Curatorial Thing: The Curator is Weather, a curatorial research programme by SixtyEight Art Institute in Copenhagen.


Terms & Conditions

The following conditions apply to the Art Lover Programme

Art Lover membership (part of A Modest Show);

  • The Art Lover Collector Programme membership is valid for one year starting from the date of registration; after the first year, the membership is automatically renewed

  • The monthly membership can be terminated after a period of three months;

  • The membership can be terminated by e-mail at with a notice period of 1 month.

  • The membership is strictly non-transferable.

  • Members will keep the Art Lover Collector Programme informed by e-mall regarding changes to their email address and other information via

  • If the payment to A Modest Show is not made on time, or in case of (complaints of) exhibiting inappropriate behaviour, A Modest Show has the right to (temporarily or permanently) suspend the membership;
A Modest Show has the right to change these conditions. The changes also apply to agreements already concluded.

Bespoke Art Lover Tours




Please register your interest at in line with the reservation deadline stated (usually  2 months for UK destinations, or 3 months before the start in case of an international trip) Upon deadline we will be able to inform you if we have enough participants and take payment or deposit. Once we do this we advise you to confirm and/or book your trip and  accommodation. If a deadline is missed it may still be able to add you to the tour so do enquire.

When you register for the trip you will receive a payment request. As soon as the payment has been received, we will send you confirmation of your participation and we will send you regular updates on the trip.

You are responsible for booking your own travel, hotel and insurance. We can advise and even organise  transportation and accommodation on request.

Tours do not include; hotel, flight/train ticket, any connections between locations, meals unless stated. We do not provide travel and cancellation insurance.



Studio Visits

At least every other month we offer both weekday and weekend studio visits in Manchester and  across the UK.

Exhibition openings

We will notify you of forthcoming exhibitions and send out news, we will gain access to artists and curators for 'behind the curtain' experiences, demystifying the art world.

Talks and meet ups

Opportunities to learn and gain new knowledge from experts, professionals and our peer group.

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