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A MODEST SHOW presents..  Of Art The Story


Art Rotterdam + Performance Obscura *

Matthew Collings, John M Robinson
31/01 - 05/02/24


“Of Art The Story
Story Of The Art
The Art of Story
Story The Art Of”

“Of Art The Story” is the first in a series of four shows investigating the myths and legends, lies and truths perpetuated in arts history, how we contextualise past masters, epochs, happenings and movements in our own time.  This presentation will work with artists who wrestle with, and are at home with the knowledge of what’s gone before. In this first iteration presented by A Modest Show at Art Rotterdam we take two artists whose work is in constant feedback with history, internalising it and reprojecting psuedo-histories, deep fake histories, uncomfortable histories. Two closely related disciplines in painting and drawing the work by both artists pay close attention to rendering the real in uncanny and sometimes disturbing combinations of people and object, and surreal time.

The ongoing series will be part-curated by guest curators, academics, writers and TV Art Historians.

Performance Obscura * John M Robinson will be performing Tarot readings outside the fair in a upcycled garden shed from his allotment in Worcester, from here he will give readings for 1€ 

"John M. Robinson staat bekend om zijn performance-schilderijen. Tijdens tarotlezingen en andere occulte of spirituele handelingen, neemt Robinson nieuwe persona’s aan die hij in zijn schilderijen verwerkt. Op Art
Rotterdam zal Robinson in het bescheiden schuurtje, versierd met afbeeldingen en kijkgaten, op gezette tijden een aantal tijdgebonden werken opvoeren."


John M. Robinson is known for performance paintings involving tarot readings, and other occult or spirtualist events where the artist embodies new personas which become the documented paintings. At Art Rotterdam we will take the humble garden shed adorned with images and spy holes, from where Robinson will be performing some durational works at set times during the fair.

Of Art The Story

Artists: Matthew Collings / John M Robinson / Pallet Show

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