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A seat at the table
Call for proposals 

Open Call for Micro-commission Proposals, expression of interest.     
Eligibility : Artists living and/or working in Greater Manchester

(all proposals are subject to funding approval)


We are seeking proposals from artists, curators and collectives living and/or working in Greater Manchester for potential happenings, events, screenings, performances, or exhibitions. We have a series of provocations around the theme of food for our show focused on hospitality and art.


Think food, think art food, think art as food, think artists as food! Let’s eat Manchester’s artists*!


From 13 May through to 4 November 2022, A Modest Show will be taking place across Greater Manchester as a satellite programme to British Art Show 09. This multi-venue show will see foody events, performances, screenings, happenings and exhibitions each and every week, all advertised and programmed in an events menu as map. We would like to invite your ideas to participate and be a part of A Modest Show – to have your project realised and join this showcase of Greater Manchester talent. Your proposals might or might not follow the theme of our show, as we are keen to show projects and artworks both existing & new and the site specific (GM-wide), the aim is to bring GM artists to the table during the British Art Show 09 in Manchester (13 May 2022 to 4 September 2022).

We have three categories of support available for your ideas: £500, £1500 and £2000. You may be asked to consider a lower or higher offer of support. We may also ask you to consider some forms of collaboration. One of our key aims is to bring the widest and most diverse selection of artists from across Greater Manchester together in one programme, and to this end are also keen to consider any activity you have already planned and budgeted for May to September 2022 that you would like to propose for our calender.


Provocation hashtags: #AMODESTSHOW #artasfood #artVsfood #artistasfood #artistcommunity #EatManchesterArtists #Flesh #labour #satire #cannibalism #generosity #soupkitchen #ghostkitchens #choppingblock #hospitality #maincourse #dessert #sharingplatter #tapas #sushi #sushiconveyorbelt #paring #consumption #kitchen #taste #buffet

Is your gender identity the same as the sex you were assigned at birth?
Sexual Orientation
Disability Do you consider yourself to be disabled or with a long-term physical or mental health condition?
Ethnicity Please choose the option that best describes your ethnic group or background: Please note, ethnic origin is not about nationality, citizenship or place of birth. It is about the group in which you perceive you belong.
Socio-economic background, What type of school did you attend?
Socio-economic background Thinking back to when you were aged about 14, which best describes the sort of work the main/highest income earner in your household did in their main job?
A Seat at the Table
Call for Project Proposals

Deadline : 14th Jan 2022

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you shortly

Please consider the following in your proposal:

• Is this new work or existing work (in the case of performance, a repeat performance proposal)?

• Proposed location, do you have an idea of where the event will take place?

• Timeframe, how long will it take to develop and deliver your idea?

• Budget, please provide a simple breakdown of your budget to include your main areas of spend.

All proposals are subject to funding approval

Also… we are very open to including events or happenings you may have already planned and budgeted for (to occur between 13 May and 4 November 2022) on our calendar of events, so please do submit those plans below being clear this is an already funded event and not a micro-commission proposal

Please upload one supporting files (this is an optional requirement)

EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES - Please indicate your chosen answer by ticking the relevant box in each section
The following questions are for the purposes of monitoring only and will not be used by the panel during decision making. Data collated here is confidential. If you prefer not to answer any of the questions below, please leave the answers unchecked.

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