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A MODEST SHOW presents..
20TH MAY -  4TH SEPT 2022.                                   THE WHITWORTH OXFORD ROAD MANCHESTER M15 6ER

Liam Ashworth, Iain Andrews, Andrea Booker, Robin Broadley, Angelina May Davis, Alena Ruth Donely, Claire Dorsett, The Artist Taxi Driver, Lee Elias, Violet Emsley, Alison Forde, Leo Fitzmaurice, Pat Flynn, Ryan Gander, Raimi Gbadamosi, Parham Ghalamdar, Rachel Goodyear, Mary Griffiths, Linda Hemmersbach, Matthew Houlding, Jamie Holman, Richard Dean Hughes, Kevin Hunt, Hilary Jack, Horace Lindezey, Robin Megannity, Ahmed Mohammed, Ruth Murray, Claus Oldenburg (Private Collection) Sean Penlington, John Powell-Jones, Magnus Quaife, Benji Reid, Ken Reid, Luke Routledge, Scottee, Chester Tenneson, Katie Tomlinson, Alistair Woods, Anon (Judy Chicago "Dinner Party Workers” 35mm Slide) 

Fayre Share Fayre-CF068542-1 USE.jpg

Fayre Share Fayre, installation view at the Whitworth, The University of Manchester, 2022.

Courtesy the Whitworth and A Modest Show. Photo credit: Michael Pollard.

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