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As British Art Show 9 reaches the 3rd city on its year-long tour, Manchester responds with a parallel programme of artist-led activity. A Modest Show asked artists to devise work under satirical themes of food, hospitality, consumption and dining... and it invites you to EAT MANCHESTER ARTISTS! 


This programme includes a map, which along with our website are the beginnings of a new legacy for Manchester. A go-to resource for people to find Manchester’s artist-led venues, events and spaces all year round.

"Simple in its design, A Modest Show will present artists as fare, let us eat Manchester’s artists.
In the period running up to and beyond 2022 life imitated art, an incredulous time, a time of fake truths, lampooned leaders and a polarised media elite, no satire could justify such a time, or so it felt.

What good can a survey show of British artists do to alleviate this? Much, it is hoped. The curatorial vision and roster of artists selected for the Hayward British Art Show 9 would have us ponder the most pressing issues of our age. From May to September 2022, while Manchester hosts BAS9, what can this city offer? What can the artists working here give us?

What they always have... their flesh.
A menu instead of a map, a main course instead of an exhibition, and a seating plan as interpretation. A chopping block as studio, a kitchen as gallery and restaurants as museums; a feast of artists.  Proclaiming artist sustenance, the best cuts and ‘Publick’ nourishment...

The ultimate in hospitality."

Nat Pitt · Division of Labour, Curator of A Modest Show




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A Modest Show is the collateral programme to British Art Show 9. 
Serving up exhibitions indoor and out, new artworks, dinners, interventions, performance and more. 


Alongside its public facing programme, A Modest Show is creating opportunities to support artists in their endeavours and professional development.

Our mentoring programme, from May - November, places British Art Show 9 artists with emerging Manchester artists to in a series of 1-1 sessions and studios visits.

Our public facing programme, from May - September, has been significantly created through newly commissioned artworks and exhibitions, providing a platform and funding for artists to develop new work and reach new audiences.

We create connections between artists; and collectors, curators and institutions through hospitality events and tours and the showcase of A Modest Show at national and international art fairs. Our aims is to build potential for sales, representation and national exhibition opportunities for Manchester artists.

A Modest Show will create a legacy from its programme, by developing its assets into ongoing resources for visitors to find and visit Manchester’s artist-led spaces.

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A Modest Show has been led by the advice and direction of Manchester artists and arts organisations. With an aim to deliver an artist-led programme that highlights Manchester’s creative brilliance, we could not have delivered this without their support. This programme is funded by Arts Council England and GMCA Greater Manchester Combined Authority and is only possible with their backing. We must also thank our generous venue hosts, volunteer invigilators and partners across educational institutions, businesses and institutions.




Our events are across a variety of venues in central and wider Manchester and Greater Manchester. The programme has new event openings throughout the 3 months.

Visit Transport for Greater Manchester for public travel tips on buses and Manchester’s famous trams.

For detailed information on individual venue accessibility, please contact the venue directly prior to your visit so they can assist and arrange to support you accessing the building.



The Alan

A design led, creatively charged, unique 6-storey hotel in the centre of Manchester. The Alan is ultra-modern by design and relaxed in character. With an open-plan kitchen, bar, and restaurant serving incredible seasonal small plates showcasing British sourced ingredients, and drinks sourced from local breweries and distilleries. The hotel lobby has a focus on creating serene co-working spaces for guests and visitors.


Located in the centre of Manchester, The Alan is in walking distance of both Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria stations and long stay car parks. You can find Manchester Art Gallery one street away, making this the ideal location to visit both A Modest Show venues and British Art Show 9. 

Click here for a 20% discount on advertised rates for A Modest Show's visitors

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