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Pallet Show12      

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17-19 November 2023

A Modest Show, Sculpture Court,

The Manchester Contemporary, Grand Central, Manchester.
Curated by Daniel Pryde-Jarman and Nat Pitt

Pallet Show is a curatorial project consisting of a grid of wooden pallets, laid out on the floor of the Sculpture Court of The Manchester Contemporary art fair 2023.

A number of invited artists will exhibit a series of works on a pallet, which functions as a platform or plinth for displaying sculptures or other curated works at TMC.

The pallets are themselves artworks, exploring the line between minimalist sculpture and functional objects. Sculptures that also have the capacity to perform a function, and an experiment in how art objects might be (re)purposed to take on the role of support structures or hosts for other works and ideas within an exhibition context.

Pallet Show is informed by the mass transit of artworks in the art market and global economy, and the logistics of their movement from, to, and between, sites of storage and display. Pallets are signifiers of trade that wear the markings of the workings of these interconnected systems.

Pallet Show blurs the distinction between the movement and storage of works at The Manchester Contemporary and their means of display and aesthetic within the fair. The exhibition appears provisional, in transit, and under construction. The project is inspired by the forms and legacy of minimalist sculpture, including the furniture sculptures of Donald Judd, ‘simulated readymades’ of Fischli and Weiss, and Seth Siegelaub’s curatorial projects.



Handmade in 18mm birch plywood, the show pallets (SPAL) will be configured in an equally-spaced 3 x 3 configuration within the 8 x 6m sculpture area. Each pallet follows the standard Euro-pallet dimensions, providing an exhibition platform measuring 120 x 80cm, with no height limitation for stable free-standing works.

Exhibitors in Pallet Show include individual artists, collectives, or galleries.  The works shown on the pallets can also be swapped and rotated on each day of the fair. 

A single pallet was previously exhibited by Daniel Pryde-Jarman and Meter Room at TMC 2022.

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"Six works of contemporary art with a combined value of £20,840 have been gifted to Manchester Art Gallery by The Manchester Contemporary Art Fund as the gallery celebrates its 200th anniversary.

Founded by Executive Chairman of Manchester Art Fair and The Manchester Contemporary, Thom Hetherington, in 2017, The Manchester Contemporary Art Fund is the largest philanthropic art fund in the North.

This year’s Fund, created by a group of businesspeople and individuals passionate about their city, is the largest to date bringing the total value of work acquired for Manchester Art Gallery since the Fund’s inception to £52,000 and the total number of pieces of work to 24.

The six pieces, by artists Jen Orpin, Ruth Murray, Faisal Hussain, Lesley Hilling, Ben Goring and Stacey Foster, were chosen at the 14th edition of The Manchester Contemporary, with Manchester Art Gallery’s Senior Creative Lead Inbal Livne and Senior Curator Natasha Howes steering the rigorous selection process."

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Pallet Show12

Artists: William Cobbing, Daisy Collingridge, Jack Brown, Robin Broadley, Nicola Ellis, Liam Fallon, Alex Frost, Mark Houghton, Faisal Hussain, Dean Kenning, Kieran Leach, Rosie McGinn, Modern Clay, Daniel Pryde-Jarman, Stephanie Quale, Luke Routledge, Jonathan Wright 

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