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A Botanical Library with Ryan Woods and Sneha Solanki

4th June, 5- 8pm

26th June, 11 - 2pm

Fallowfield Secret Garden, 86-88 Wilbraham Rd, Fallowfield, Manchester M14 7DR

FEAST presents two creative lunch events for A Modest Show, set in a secret garden community space in Fallowfield where they have been working with artists to develop a botanical library of medicinal plants. Plant beds have been designed and built by Manchester artist Lynn Pilling to house community donated cuttings, seedlings and mature plants. 

This outdoor space presents an opportunity to explore the city beyond its typical art venues. FEAST deliver their food and dining events in collaboration with artistic partners and will be working with The Manchester Ear and Sneha Solanki, two artists whose practices explore questions of environmental responsibility, approaches to growing and climate awareness. Food will be created using ingredients from the growing area with artists using ingredients as talking prompts.

Lunch One - Community Sound (4th June, 3- 5pm)

An afternoon of recorded and composed sound from the garden. The culmination of a project facilitated by Ryan Woods, one half of The Manchester Ear, which showcases the work of community artists. Ryan will introduce the artists and the listening practices that were used to enhance awareness of the environment over the course of his community art residency.

Lunch Two - EATING | THINGS (26th June, 11 - 2pm)

Join artist Sneha Solanki and her two daughters, Rasa and Sona as foragers to explore edible ‘things’ found growing wild at the edges of a community garden space. This participatory workshop for children and adults is part of Sneha's ongoing project EATING THINGS.

Both events are free but booking is required.

Lunch one booking link

Lunch two booking link

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