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Are You Hungry?

Wed - Fri, 10 - 4pm, Sat - Sun, 11 - 4pm

Seesaw basement, 86 Princess St, Manchester M1 6NG

‘Are You Hungry?’ is a gastronomic exploration of cultural identity in which artist Shannon Tran explores the idea of being of mixed heritage, ethnically or through culture. This first iteration is based on her own upbringing, her heritage being English, Chinese and Vietnamese, and exploring her family who came to England as refugees in the Vietnam War.

The artist's exploration into heritage highlighted the in-between spaces through cultures which she believes are places of food; international supermarkets, restaurants and home kitchens. From this she created a zine which sits as the exhibition catalogue, containing family recipes, illustrations of cultural ingredients and an instruction list on how to explore your own heritage in this way.

The exhibition will serve as a restaurant pop-up, with Shannon Tran’s intention being to have people of mixed heritage begin to grasp onto their ethnicity as one whole thing and not feel as if they have 2 sides to themselves; to encourage people to embrace their ‘in betweenness’. Her research shows that people of mixed heritage are the fastest growing race in the UK, yet they are not acknowledged fully in both culture or official business.

(A private view will be held on the 5th June, 2 - 4pm)

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