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Detox to Delish


31st May, 7 - 9pm 

Castlefield Gallery, 2 Hewitt Street, Manchester, M15 4GB


28th June, 7 - 10pm 

Mekong Cat,  47 Lower Hillgate, Stockport, SK1 1JQ

Writer Steve Hanson and artist Jane Lawson work with chef Y Sok to combine Steve’s recent discovery of a toxic remnant  from his childhood with Jane’s interest in mycormediation and Y's culinary expertise to bring you a two-stage process of detoxification to digestion.

Stage 1: Detox

Ten participants are invited to bring anything on paper, card or cardboard that they want to detoxify. They can be relics from a love affair gone bad, PIP claims, legal correspondence, rejection letters, The Sun, racist bile from social media – anything they would like to psychically purge. They then incorporate the toxic texts into oyster mushroom kits to take home and grow.

Oyster mushrooms can detoxify a wide range of substances including hydrocarbons and Jane Lawson has previously used them to detoxify key neoliberal texts such as Milton Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom; their ability to detoxify hydrocarbons makes them an ideal candidate to detoxify an economic system based on the “cheap” energy provided by fossil fuels.

Stage 2: Delish

Four weeks later the participants bring their crop of mushrooms to be transformed into a communal meal by Cambodian-American chef and restaurateur Y Sok and share their experiences of transforming toxicity into nourishment.

To take part, please book here.

Jane Lawson & Steve Hanson





One-off Event, Food, Book in advance

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