Food of the Gods

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Manchester based collective, TV Babies, host a one off participatory performance simulating a fine dining experience. Members of the audience are invited to the table to feast upon a banquet of green jellies, whilst the remaining visitors observe. The food is transformed by green screen software into disjointed, looping video footage of absurd online ‘food porn’ content. This transfiguration will be live-streamed onto monitors behind, to be viewed by observers and the diners themselves.

This performative piece, ‘Food of the Gods’, plays with the discrepancy between the mundane act of eating and the grotesque nature of watching someone eat. Presenting a self-reflective/voyeuristic experience, which asks guests to contemplate their rituals of consumption and the new rituals brought by Covid. The work draws attention to how society today has fetishised the ritual of consumption as a whole, through our screens.

TV Babies





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