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I'll Bring You Flowers

7 - 11pm

CREAMERIES, 406 Wilbraham Rd, Manchester M21 0SD

Suite Studio artists present a creative meal at Creameries through drawing, print and ceramic. A dinner table, set with artworks on paper & fabric by Fiona Donald and Lisa Remers, is a creative response to their initial research into Manchester Museums Herbarium collection. The table pieces explore both botanicals and moon cycles. The idea of promoting well-being through contact with nature connects these two Manchester artists. Daksha Patel presents a selection of new work in porcelain ceramic, inspired by and referencing global food security and the impact of deforestation and climate change upon food crops. Developed from research into scientific images, microscope and SEM visualisations of traditional global crops to create etched & painted ceramics using slip and oxides. The work will be made at Clay Studio with support from Steve Graham.

Dinner is served by SuppHER chef/sommelier duo: chef Anna Sogaard and sommelier Kim McBride. Their goal is to celebrate the hospitality industry’s female talents and support womens’ communities in need.

In addition, all artists will be donating one unframed piece to SuppHER to sell, with 100% of the profit being donated to the nominated charity for the event.

Tickets for the event can be booked here.

Suite Studio Artists





One-off Event, Book in advance, Food

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