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Oceans Apart, 24-26 King St, Greengate, Salford, Manchester M3 7DG

‘Mudlarks’, an exhibition of paintings by Dan Roach & Rebecca Sitar, touring from the Eagle Gallery Cabinet Room, London (8th – 24th December 2021).

Mudlarks is a project by two artists long associated with the Eagle Gallery who have found connections in their individual approaches to painting. Dan Roach and Rebecca Sitar both make subtle, semi-abstract images that are derived from observations of things discovered in the world around them. 

Alighting on the idea of mudlarking (a term coined in the 19th century to describe impoverished people who searched the mudflats of the Thames in order to discover valuables they might be able to sell), they found poignancy in the concept of retrieving long-buried objects, whose original functions have become obscured by the passage of time. They have used the theme to create new bodies of work that will be shown at Oceans Apart.

Dan Roach & Rebecca Sitar





Exhibition, Just Show Up

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