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Nibble Island

Private View 14th May, 1 - 5pm (as part of  Rogue Open Studios)

15th May - 3rd Sept

Saturdays, 12-4pm

By appointment only, contact:

Rogue Studio artist Claire Dorsett invites 8 artists to exhibit on her studio table. She wants them to interrogate this structure, which consists of 4 wooden trestles and 2 pieces of non-uniform MDF (complete with scribbles), in the hope that they can quietly challenge what an exhibition might be and the kinds of spaces artists can use to show their work.

Co-ordinated to open for the Rogue Open Studios weekend, the exhibition acts like a buffet table at a family function: acknowledging the often awkwardness of Open Studio events for artists, the strength that can be found in numbers, the power of having something to stand around and a taste of what these Manchester based or affiliated artists have to give. Participating artists are: collaborative duo Faye Coral Johnson and Mike S Redmond (MSR FCJ), Maeve Rendle, Katie Tomlinson, Kieran Healy, James Ackerley, Nick Jordan and Zac Bradley.

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