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No Takeaway

For A Modest Show, artists Arthur Simons and Ell Edwards ate their way from Manchester to Liverpool, afterwards heading down to London and St Ives, greedily studying the menus of each of the Tate Galleries cafes and members' lounges. They salivated over the prospect of eating delicious food in the presence of Dali, Rothko and Duchamp.

Just as the British Art Show 9 tours the UK, these artists decided to tour the country in their own way, via the major British institutions. Through this they ask if ‘our senses can be moved and our artistic appetites satisfied without even stepping foot into the gallery?’ They examine the relation between modern art institutions, public spaces and hospitality by eating their way through the major galleries. This investigation culminated in this Zine as it documents the process through photography, text, drawings, and food reviews.

Find this publication at A Modest Show gallery, Rogue Studios and the Fayre Share Fayre exhibition. Donations for this publication will be collected for Family Action FOOD clubs.

Arthur Simons/Ell Edwards






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