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Soft Things

Wed - Fri, 10 - 4pm, Sat - Sun, 11 - 4pm

Seesaw basement, 86 Princess St, Manchester M1 6NG

A newly commissioned set of twin ultra-short films by Sarah Boulter, with a song and sound piece by electronic musician Alice Merida Richards. The work centres on gorging for escapism, cure-all distractions for pandemic obsession and limitations. Nourishment found in shallow yet genuine connections with imaginary friends, dreamy creamy sickly food rituals and pure fantasy.

These soapy semi-narrative films unite us in silent recognition of a shared and visceral pleasure in the depths of a torturous time filled with bodily obsessions, finding solace in tv relationships and the glow of the fridge.

(A private view will be held on 5th June, 2 - 4pm)

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