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The Emperors Nu Instagram and The Fall of The Artist Opera

The Emperors Nu Instagram, 25th May, 7.30pm 

Paradise Works

Paradise Works, E Philip St, Salford M3 7LE

The Fall of The Artist Opera, 14th May, 3.30pm

Rogue Studios

Rogue Studios, 4 Barrass St, Openshaw, Manchester, M11 2LS

Richard Shields has created a multifaceted work spanning performance, film and fine art. Parodying Italian theatre from Commedia Dell'arte to Opera and contemporary subjects through his devised characters, he satirically dramatises the struggles faced by artists as they balance life and work and social media as they vie for a ‘seat at the table'. Puppets and theatre backdrops echo the themes of the film and performance as Richard performs to audiences who in turn become part of the work and inform his choices as he manipulates himself with illustrated simulacra and online engagement. The fear of failure, imposter syndrome and social anxiety are embraced and forged into a tense and humorous, fourth wall breaking monologue, delivered with an intimate and uncomfortably presumed familiarity with said audience.

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