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The Grand Pear Supper

Xhi Ndubisi presents a 5-course dinner with performative presentations for 20 people.  Exploring the complex and rich story of migration, the 5-course dinner will take diners through feudal China, the ancient gardens of Afghanistan, over French Orchards and  into the British Landscape.

Focusing on the simplicity of a pear, Xhi Ndubisi invites us to enjoy the  story of a single, common  fruit. The narratives may reveal something about the history of migration. Can we tell these stories without an  ideology? What can the story of the pear tell us about who we are and how we have  come to be?

Centering the familiar taste and texture of the pear, the event offers a focal  point for difficult conversations. Along with ‘who are we?’ and ‘how have we come to  be?’ Diners will be encouraged to explore ‘how we hold the contradictions of unity  and difference , of being one entity with multiple identities?’.

Diners are offered games between meals, questions written to stimulate conversation at the table and away from it.

Tickets for the event can be booked here.

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