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Unsettled Ground

Find these outside A Modest Show venues: The Whitworth, MAG, Salford Museum, Castlefield, HOME, Hotbed Press, Islington Mill, Paradise Works

Visit our map to find each bird box

Unsettled Ground is an outdoor, citywide art installation of architectural models of cotton mills, back to back terraced houses, tower blocks, mansions and halls which reference the architectural decline and rise of the two cities of Salford and Manchester.

Acting as both a public art work and as functioning nesting boxes for bird and insect populations negatively impacted by the fast pace of regeneration in the city. The sculpture also acts as a signifier for participating core venues in the British Art Show 09 which takes place between May and September 2022 across Manchester.

Hilary Jack said “The title of my work, Unsettled Ground, suggests something topographical, as well as hierarchical - an uneven playing field, an unfairness in society. For this commission I reference the repeat cycle of degeneration and regeneration, what is saved, what is lost, and how human and animal communities are shaped by a complex web of policies, politics, cultures and ideologies in the name of progress.”

Hilary Jack




Multiple Venues


Installation, Outdoor Artwork, Just Show Up

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