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Yayoi Kusama: You, Me and the Balloons

Yayoi Kusama is bringing her largest-ever immersive environment to Manchester. Conceived especially for the soaring spaces of our new home, Yayoi Kusama: You, Me and the Balloons celebrates three decades of the pioneering Japanese artist's inflatable artworks, which are brought together for the first time in this major exhibition. Journey through Kusama's psychedelic creations - many over 10m tall - including giant dolls, spectacular tendrilled landscapes and a vast constellation of polka-dot spheres.

Kusama is renowned and adored for her surreal world of dots and pumpkins amongst other artistic motifs. Her hallucinatory paintings, sculptures, and immersive environments, such as her Infinity Mirror Rooms, take us beyond ourselves and make us feel part of something greater. Unique in her ability to conjure wonder while also asking bigger questions about human existence, millions of people queue for hours to spend just a minute in Kusama’s cosmos.

Kusama’s career spans eight decades and she is now a global phenomenon. In Yayoi Kusama: You, Me and the Balloons you will experience the vastness of her playful and kaleidoscopic universe.

We have a range of affordable tickets for Yayoi Kusama: You, Me and the Balloons, including options for £10 or less; so you can find a price that's right for you.

Yayoi Kusama




Aviva Studios, the home of Factory International


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