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Division of Labour

Division of Labour

Unit 30, East Philip St, Salford, M3 2LA

Imagine What We Can Do Tomorrow

Duncan Poulton
11 MAY – 15 JULY 2023 • Division of Labour, SALFORD

Taking its title from the Millennium Dome promotional slogan, Imagine What We Can Do Tomorrow is a solo exhibition by digital artist Duncan Poulton which relives and reimagines the dawn of the 21 st Century. The show includes new works in digital collage that have been developed around a major found footage video work titled Y2K, made in collaboration with artist Nick Smith. The pieces are shown amidst an immersive installation which will see the gallery covered in aluminium foil, rendering the room a no-signal, Wifi-free zone, also known as a Faraday Cage.




Division of Labour, a Salford based not-for-profit dedicated to supporting contemporary art across the UK. With research interests in regional art market development, art and education and collaborative practice, projects have included artists Robert Barry, Victor Burgin, Brian O’Doherty and Carey Young. Pitt has developed an international profile for his gallery, with past presentations in the 2015 Venice Biennale, Brussels, Rotterdam, New York, Hong Kong, Basel, Vienna and Dallas.

Accessable with wheelchair access on the ground floor

Division of Labour


Nat Pitt

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