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Kampus Gardens, Aytoun St, Manchester M1 3GL


Elliott Flanagan invites you to eat yourself to death. It is the night before tough new laws from the Convention for Climate Protection and Environmental Recovery come into force. In the morning, the start of meat rationing. Responsible consumption and production will be introduced. The mixed grill will be outlawed, an illegal Sunday roast will carry a fixed penalty fine and a SWAT Team will descend on any BBQ without a permit. In this gastronomic climax, Flanagan studies how in the shadow of an impending climate and nature emergency, what we eat has become a moral question. Our public and private habits, traditions and rituals towards food and drink are intensified during this one last party of overflowing plates, spilt glasses, swollen bellies and crumbs in your lap.




No Sweeter Taste On My Tongue, Nor Bitter Taste On My Lips

Lydia McCaig is a working-class artist from Blackburn, her work interrogates the complexities of female sexuality, seduction and erotica through installation, sound, video, poetry, and photography. McCaig’s work explores the relationship between love and sex and creates work where conceptual gestures are employed to engage complex and often contradictory dialogues.

McCaig will be creating an entirely new body of work, which coincides with the theme of A Modest Show.




Camp Bread

A collective Genesis project of digital works by Brass Art, John Carney, Jo Clements, Pat Flynn, Dave Griffiths, Mishka Henner, Andrew McDonald, Robin Megannity who all share a long relationship with digital media; photography, 3D modelling and film, exhibiting amongst the tropical foliage found in Kampus gardens.




The neighbourhood is alive with events and home to local independent bars, restaurants and cafés.

Kampus is a new build to rent development by HBD and Capital & Centric.

Residents can choose from one and two bedroom apartments in the beautiful red-brick new buildings North and South Block, refurbished 1960s brutalist tower called The Stack or two Victorian shipping warehouses, Minto & Turner and Minshull House.


The Kampus gardens are permanently open to the public and accessible from Chorlton Street and Aytoun Street with no step access.



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