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Saturdays, 12 - 4pm 


by appointment, contact:

Paradise Works Gallery, First Floor, E Philip St, Salford, M3 7LE

Brickworks  is an exhibition of ‘artist-led’ bricks.

One of a five-part series of group exhibitions curated by Division of Labour exploring cooperation and mutualism as we live through a period of capitalist realism1. In this episode of the series we look at housing and homes.

Inspired by “Capitalist Realism, is there no alternative?” by Mark Fisher. Capitalist Realism, a term loosely defined as the predominant conception that capitalism is the only viable economic system for our times.

The relocation of Division of Labour from London to Salford marked the beginning of a 4 year long research project into co-operatives and mutualism. The artist Stuart Whipps challenged the premise of the gallery's modus operandi and posed a question; can a commercial gallery be socialist in nature? Could a gallery of represented artists work as a collective? Whilst in Manchester DoL has invited co-operatives and similar organisations to exhibit and share their experiences – interrogating clothing, health-care, food, housing and banking.

(A private view event will be held on 14th July 6 -8pm)

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Paradise Works


Group Exhibition, Just Show Up, View by appointment

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